Lauv – Getting Over You (R3HAB Remix)

Letting go of a lost love never is an easy thing to do, but talented American singer/songwriter Lauv somehow makes it look – and sound – easy. The 23-year old Ari Staprans Leff, who came bursting to the scene last year alongside DJ Snake (“A Different Way”) and with his solo single “I Like Me Better”, released the smooth and beautiful synthpop single “Getting Over You” a few weeks back on Valentine’s Day. The track and its soothing melody allows listeners to deal with the topic of heartbreak simply by keeping the song on repeat, over and over.

Exactly two weeks after the official release Dutch DJ/producer R3HAB has dropped a pretty interesting remix of Lauv’s “Getting Over You”. Where the original version probably kept listeners glued to their couches with a box of tissues, R3HAB’s remix could be the moment where they decide to stop moping and get themselves together again to enjoy the dancefloor out there called ‘life’. The remix is subtle, adding just the right touch of tropical house to the downtempo pop-vibe of the original version.

Even though Lauv’s original remains a masterpiece of its own, Fadil El Ghoul R3HAB definitely succeeded in blending in just that little bit extra to give “Getting Over You” a slightly different look and feel. As Lauv self-released the track, it’s safe to say that R3HAB’s remix could more than meet the American super talents’ approval. Check out R3HAB’s remix right here.