ZHU & Tame Impala – My Life

Hailed as one of the most pioneering artists in the electronic music sphere, ZHU has become an icon around the world through thought-provoking, powerful tracks, each with their own complex identity. When looking back at his impressive catalogue of releases, quality certainly overcomes quantity, and while relatively few tracks have been released over the years in comparison with other producers, the detail and individuality of each release is clear to the listener. ZHU’s latest masterpiece, ‘My Life‘ has just been unveiled, and sees him push genre boundaries even further, in collaboration with Australian band Tame Impala.

Opening with effervescent synths followed by an emotionally provocative melody blended with haunting vocals, ‘My Life’ instantly makes an impact on the listener. Characteristic with many of ZHU’s previous releases, the track is mellow yet complex, with each integral element coming together as pieces of an elaborate jigsaw puzzle. As the track continues, the vocals develop an intoxicating intensity, developed even further by repetition. ‘My Life’ continues to twist and turn as the melody transitions, giving the track an increasingly hypnotic energy. Without doubt one of the most captivating releases to hit the electronic music scene so far this year, the track will unquestionably strike a chord with listeners around the globe.

Listen to the full track below.

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