David Guetta premieres action-packed music video for ‘Flames’

There aren’t many DJs out there who can compete with the success David Guetta has outside of the ‘EDM world’. The French producer is one of the names everybody has heard of, even if they don´t listen to EDM on a regular basis. Hits like ‘Memories’ together with Kid Cudi and ‘Without You’ with Usher are one of these songs everyone who owns a radio knows. One of Guetta’s biggest hits was released in 2011 and goes by the name ‘Titanium’. The well-known vocals are courtesy of Australian singer Sia. Nearly a 500 million times streamed on Spotify, it was about time the dynamic duo would put together a follow-up track. How do you melt titanium? Right, with ‘Flames’What a suiting name for David Guetta’s and Sia’s collab! With the release of the music video for ‘Flames’, Guetta proves he isn’t only an exceptional producer but also a talented actor… more or less.

The video takes place in ancient Japan, with a vintage filter over it. Just like the energetic track itself the video is full of action and fast-paced scenes. David Guetta appears as the ‘Emperor’ who uses his Ninjas to invade the fighting school lead by famous actor Danny Trejo, who is playing the ‘Master’. Without putting too many spoilers into it, you can definitely expect a pretty unusual music video with a very interesting ending.

Especially in a time like today, where everybody expects nothing but extraordinary things it is important to create a fun yet special music video that leaves an impression. Well, seems like David Guetta can do it all: Produce amazing tracks, play energetic sets and now even create amazing music videos! Even after multiple Grammy nominations and platinum-selling singles, the 50-year old from Paris is still able to surprise his fans from around the globe. With residencies at top-tier Ibiza clubs, Pacha and Ushuaïa as well as playing mainstage at Tomorrowland plus many other festivals, David Guetta is ready to light up the summer with flames! Check out the awesome music video for ‘Flames’!