deadmau5 speculates on opening a major LAN gaming center

Between his signature helmet, stage design and the production ‘virtuoso’ tag, it is no secret that there is a lot of tech and equipment that goes into Deadmau5‘s show. Likewise, it is also not a secret that the 37-year-old dance music legend has a particular hobby for personally modding everything that goes into his stage design and the accompanying stage equipment. But were you aware of the fact that alongside his personal investment in tech that he’s also an avid gamer?

In fact, Joel has been open about his love for gaming for years, dedicating almost an entire 2016 Rolling Stone interview to that topic of conversation itself. Now his love for gaming is bringing out a rather large project to his work desk. The Niagara Falls native has made his intentions very clear via Twitter, speculating on opening a major LAN gaming space in the Milton, Canada area.

The DJ’s tweet ideas progressed as follows:

With a hoard of tweets spanning several days, Deadmau5 is evidently building on his idea of “Mau5ville” before our very eyes. Joel even goes as far as to show us a draft floor map of the center’s entirety – including its individual stations, their square footage and the total square footage of the facility. It certainly seems like that all that’s holding Joel back from letting this dream become a reality is the acquisition of some commercial property.