Fatboy Slim’s iconic ‘Right Here, Right Now’ turns 19 years old

Today marks the 19th birthday for one of the most iconic and influential tracks ever released in the dance music scene: Fatboy Slim – ‘Right Here, Right Now’, taken from his album ‘You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby’. The UK producer and DJ is famous for being one of the pioneers of modern dance music and one of the first to experiment with hip hop, rock and breakbeat through the innovative use of sampling.

The legendary string melody ‘Right Here, Right Now’ was sampled from a 1970 track ‘Ashes the Rain and I’ by James Gang. Whilst the celebrated vocal is taken from Angela Bassett’s character in 1995 movie ‘Strange Days’. An unorthodox and unprecedented combination which propelled the track up to number 2 in the charts. The track has since gained a legendary status and is loved by all the generations of dance music fans.

‘Right Here, Right Now’ had already been remixed in 2013 by Spanish techno giant Coyu, who managed to give a modern touch to the classic whilst keeping the original elements which made it popular unharmed. This year, to celebrate the birthday of his album ‘You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby’ Fatboy released an anniversary edition of the album and has been commissioning remixes of his most well-known tracks off the LP. Most notably, the ‘Cola’ hit producers Camelphat’s take on the track gained massive popularity in the dance scene, reaching the number 1 position on Beatport and maintaining it for several weeks. Fatboy Slim himself also took to talk about the remix saying:

“They’ve done it justice with the original parts, whilst adding their own touches. That is what makes a great remix. There’s been nothing but good feedback, everyone has been going mad to it in my sets, and I’m truly thrilled with the outcome of the project.”

Similarly, Australian duo Carmada also had the honour of remixing the iconic track and managed to give it a completely new sound whilst still embracing the original elements.

You can check out the CamelPhat remix below on the We Rave You Youtube page.


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