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Fatboy Slim has announced his first ever weekend festival, "All Back To Minehead." The three day weekend of "love, dancing and laughter" is set to take place November 18th through to 23rd in Somerset at Minehead's Resort. The iconic DJ and producer, Fatboy Slim, perhaps best known for showing the world that Christopher Walken really can dance with his 'Weapon Of

The legendary British DJ and Producer Fatboy Slim is partnering with the innovative Livestream platform NoCap, for a one night only live-streamed exclusive event, giving fans all around the globe a front-row seat at the biggest show on his We’ve Come A Long Long Way Together Tour, taking place on 5th of November at Wembley Arena in London. The Livestream is also starting on Friday,

Imagine a world where Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook) music never existed, but instead, he was putting out fires in your local city, well that situation was almost a reality. According to the Darlington & Stockholm Times at a recent event held by The Fire Fighters Charity. Fatboy Slim mentioned that during a down point in his musical career he considered quitting and

British legend Fatboy Slim has announced a UK Arena Tour in his country that will be taking place later this year in November. The esteemed producer and DJ has enjoyed a massive treble-decade career, in which he's played some of the biggest stages in the world and become a true legend of the modern electronic industry thanks to his electrifying

'The Voice of Experience' is the latest track by Yum Yum Head Food. Although it may not be that recognized by many, it is an alias used by the legendary British DJ and Producer Fatboy Slim, a name that certainly sounds familiar to many. The song is part of the upcoming album 'Back to Mine,' set to be released on the 6th of November. The

The English mega legend Fatboy Slim will be playing a free live show in Brighton for the NHS workers only to thank them for the amazing work they are displaying during these difficult times. This iconic show is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 28th October 2020 at the Brighton Centre. The National Health Service (NHS) is the public healthcare system in

In the middle of these tough times, English legendary producers Fatboy Slim and Eats Everything have decided to step up and come to the rescue by releasing their brand new collaboration together titled 'All The Ladies'. This amazing track is out now on Southern Fried Records. The relationship between these two giants of the industry started a long time ago and it