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After having seen the remix

J-Hamz feat. Jesse Peters – Keep On Lovin’ (Remixes)

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After having seen the remix contest for his track ‘I Stack Up‘ do so well to deliver sumptuous remixes for the original, Canadian DJ and producer J-Hamz is back with results of yet another such contest. Organized in collaboration with Digital Empire Records, the remix contest was touted to deliver top notch renditions of J-Hamz’ track ‘Keep On Lovin” featuring singer/songwriter Jesse Peters. And deliver it did – showcasing stellar remixes from Frowny-Biscuit, ChackkKorxiYackto and Re_flected. While J-Hamz also courts the prospects of his ‘I Stack Up’ EP performing well on the charts, the remix package is quite the compliment to his work on the original track along with Jesse Peters.

Kicking the package off with a wavy and innovative rendition, Frowny Biscuit takes the original to another level with his production adeptness. A twisting melody that is supplemented by distorted bass bits, the remix showcases its worth before the song breaks into vocals and lets Peters do the talking. Highly reminiscent of the tunes from 8-bit games, Frowny Biscuit’s take is littered with excellence when it comes to delivering that ‘x’ which is beyond all others. Up next, Chackk stomps along the road often taken to shape a purely entertaining remix that showcases immediate attention to detail with chopped up vocals and an exemplary entwining of Trap with a bit of Bass House.

Turning the tide from Bass House to Jungle, Korxi’s remix is top notch example of a track utilizing the best of both, break-beat style to lay the foundation and a Jungle style ‘drop’ to sum it all up. Enthused with powerful guitar riffs, Korxi presents himself as a mature producer from Japan who bleeds talent in his productions. Yackto further funks things up with his take on J-Hamz’ original as he allows the vocals to take their course and guide the track – building beats in heavy anticipation alongside Peters’ impressive vocals. And it all breaks down with that low-cut and heavy, hard-hitting drop that seethes and churns with distorted bass.

Last but not the least, Re_flected’s take on the original is full of pure energy. Working along the thin line between Dubstep and Bass House, Re_flected craftily turns the original into an upbeat and energetic listening experience. While this one breaks a lot of generic boundaries altogether, the production technique from Re_flected is a top drawer take on the original. All in all, the gestalt of the remix package is unique – it features variety but still retains a linear genre or style of production that J-Hamz seems to get behind and one that is thoroughly supported at the Digital Empire Records head office.

You can purchase the ‘Keep On Lovin” remix package from Beatport here and iTunes here.

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