Galantis – Spaceship feat. Uffie

Swedish duo Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw have just dropped their new track, and it is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. The pairing, more commonly known as Galantis, has released banger after banger through previous years amongst a number of albums, and have kept up the quality on which they have become so widely loved. Collaborating with vocalist Uffie, ‘Spaceship‘ is the latest instalment from the duo.

As viewers of the official music video on YouTube intelligently figured out, the video is shot in Japan and follows the typically extravagant style of the Swedes, who appear to run around the City until they get to their set, where the video ends up. The track itself provides the upbeat, summer vibe that you often get from a Galantis track. Introducing the vocals straight away, which have had plenty of additional work done on them with a vocoder and autotune/pitching effects, some mellow stabbing chords provide backing for Uffie’s lyrics, that repeat, for the majority of the track:

“Hey I found a spaceship

You got the kinda love thats taking me new places

Hey I’m on a spaceship

You got the kinda love thats taking me new places”

The simple, yet effective nature of the vocals is evident throughout the instrumental too, and emphasis on perfection of the elements that exist in the track is what makes it sure to be a summer hit. Progressing through the track with the introduction of a piano, and some percussion, the drop comes with the same initial vocals but so much more energy, and really brings the track to life. As always is the case with Galantis, the track is packed with wild sounds that contribute subtly and efficiently to the dynamic of the track, and the electronic elements are highlighted, giving depth and variance compared to a number of other tracks being produced right now.

You can certainly say that Galantis think outside the box with their sound design, as there are not many artists that are similar to the Swede’s, hence their distinct dominance worldwide on releases like ‘No Money‘ and ‘Runaway‘. ‘Spaceship‘ is set to follow suit, and you can check it out here:


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