Spotify announce Top 10 biggest artists

The modern age of music. Developments in all aspects of the world continuously provide excitement and innovation into our lives, so when Spotify was introduced to us back in 2008 it followed suit as a huge step forwards in musical streaming. Now, almost 10 years to its official launch date, it hosts over 150 million users, so when you hear that some artists are being listened to over 30, 40, or for one in particular over 50 million times per month, the growth and impact of the streaming service is evident. Releasing their Spotify Top 10 biggest artists – based on monthly listeners – we look at who has made the list, and some of the tracks that may have contributed.

10. Kendrick Lamar: 36,436,868 monthly listeners.

With tracks such as ‘Humble‘ and ‘All The Stars‘ taking the world by storm, Lamar has amassed quite the following, with the majority of his tracks swooping up 9-digit streams. An incredible feat, as he comes in 10th place.

9. The Weeknd: 39,579,804 monthly listeners.

Abel Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd has seen his success grow exponentially since his first album release in 2012. 3 solo albums and his recent EP following that have driven him to the 9th spot on the list. Tracks like ‘Can’t Feel My Face‘ and ‘Starboy‘ have been the force behind his success, with the latter nearing 1 billion streams on Spotify.

8. David Guetta: 39,677,188 monthly listeners.

Need this man be introduced? Countless chart toppers, festival main stage bangers, and all round feel good music. The ‘Titanium‘ producer has achieved a lot over his many years as a producer and DJ, including topping the DJ Mag Top 100 in 2011. 50 years old and still going strong as the 8th most listened to artist on Spotify is the legend, Mr. David Guetta.

7. Ed Sheeran: 39,815,100 monthly listeners.

Despite the phenomenal success of his last album ‘Divide‘, British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran only manages the 7th spot. A spectacular achievement nonetheless, but fans of the ‘Shape Of You‘ creator may have expected a higher ranking. The facts don’t lie though, and Sheeran ranks 7th on the list.

6. Marshmello: 39,905,548 monthly listeners.

Electronic music’s biggest masked man… did not make the list. Although deadmau5 hasn’t ranked, Marshmello has. The ‘Silence‘ producer has hit dizzy heights in recent years after his rapid rise through the scene saw festival organisers dying to book the trap sensation.

5. Calvin Harris: 40,047,412 monthly listeners.

The highest ranked electronic music producer on the list is no surprise whatsoever. Scottish producer Calvin Harris is a household name worldwide. Whether it be his retro ‘Acceptable In The 80s‘ style, or his funky fresh ‘Slide‘ vibes, Adam Wiles has connected with millions around the world, and rightfully takes his spot in 5th.

4. Post Malone: 42,301,775 monthly listeners.

Surely Post Malone will ‘feel just like a Rockstar‘ as he see’s his rank of the 4th most listened to artist in the world on Spotify. The 22 year old American has time on his side, and following the release of his second album weeks ago, has captured music lovers attention with his unique blend of vocal styles and genres.

3. Dua Lipa: 42,852,701 monthly listeners.

Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules‘ seem to be working a treat, as her life keeps getting better and better. Winning two Brit Awards in February kick started 2018 after the previous year catapulted her to new levels. Success with her track ‘Hotter Than Hell‘ brought her name to the ears of pop listeners, and things shot up from there. Dua Lipa lands the 3rd place spot on Spotify’s Top 10.

2. J Balvin: 44,951,202 monthly listeners.

The tune is still stuck in everyone’s head, even if you try and forget it. The infectious sound of ‘Mi Gente‘s opening bars is the identity of Columbian singer J Balvin. With further releases like ‘X‘ and a revised version of ‘Mi Gente‘ with the incredible Beyonce, the success keeps on coming for  J Balvin, who lands 2nd place with almost 45 million monthly listeners.

And finally coming in at the top spot: the No. 1 Biggest Artist on Spotify is Drake: 50,947,300 monthly listeners.

The ‘Passionfruit‘ singer has had hit after hit, with success coming from singles and albums which have driven his name to the top of the pile. Collecting 13 awards alone at the Billboard Music Awards last year surpassed Adele to break yet another record, this time for most awards collected on one night. With his history dating back to around 2000 for his earlier releases, Aubrey Drake Graham is unsurprisingly the most listened to artist in the world. The Canadian continues to see the numbers rack up on tracks like ‘Gods Plan‘ and ‘One Dance‘, with the latter hitting almost 1.5 billion streams on Spotify. If that doesn’t define success, then what does?

Congratulations to Drake on top spot, and the other Top 10 ranked artists for their placings!

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