Céline Dion – Ashes (Steve Aoki Deadpool remix)

Providing the soundtrack for a film can often be a vast contribution to the overall production result. Some tracks go on to receive greater plaudits through chart success and awards, such as Adele’s famous ‘Skyfall‘ for the James Bond film of the same title. The latest soundtrack to Deadpool 2 has an equally iconic vocalist providing the goods. Bringing ‘Ashes‘ to the film is Céline Dion, and Steve Aoki has just dropped his remix of the new track in spectacular fashion.

The original track plays behind an emotional moment early on in the film – which will remain unnamed to avoid spoilers – and provides the perfect backdrop for what occurs, as you would expect from Dion. Known most widely for her soundtrack to the film Titanic titled ‘My Heart Will Go On‘, Celine Dion has yet again delivered a track to will be remembered for its part in the film. However, the original track lacks the club punch that might be required to drop into a live set.

Aoki, who recently dropped his new track ‘Pretender‘ has previously brought out the Canadian singer – who turned 50 back in March – to perform her hit Titanic soundtrack at Hakkasan Las Vegas, and the pair’s friendship has resulted in an incredible remix. The ‘Demix’ – stylised to fit with Deadpool’s title – in no way detracts from the meaning and power of the original track, but flips it up to turn it into a club-ready anthem. Providing short stabbed chords behind the vocals, which evolve and incorporate some percussive elements, the track progresses with fluidity. All throughout the track, listeners still feel the vocals and their intent, whilst connecting with the track through Aoki’s contributions via the instrumental. Previous Aoki productions have become famous for their hard-hitting drops, such as in ‘Boneless‘, however this track maintains the chilled vibe set out in the original, with a house drop that turns the track into a summer hit. The class shown by Aoki to preserve the most essential elements of the original only adds to the track’s dynamic, and provides a quality end result.

Check out Steve Aoki’s Deadpool Demix of Celine Dion’s ‘Ashes’ below.

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