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Unreleased track theft sparks outburst from Martin Garrix

You’d think that life for the world No. 1 ranked DJ would be pretty easy, right? The thrill of playing your choice of tracks, whether they be your own or not – or even a new unreleased track – in front of thousands of people, and making a decent earning whilst you’re at it: an unrivalled aspiration for many music enthusiasts. However, despite having all of this and so much more, Martin Garrix has hit a problem, and he’s not happy at all.

With fans always wanting more, it is up to the producer to constantly create new material to use in their live sets. Over the years, Garrix has become known for his mysterious ID’s, particularly from his Ultra 2016 set in which he played 9 unreleased tracks, some of which are still unreleased. This is where the issue lies, as channel owners of music streaming giants Spotify and YouTube are uploading his ID’s as their own, or under another name. This has sparked a reaction from the tracks original creator, as Garrix took to Instagram to oust the ID thieves. In the post, he also states that he will stop doing live stream’s in which he premieres new music, and even goes as far to say that this is the reason he doesn’t test out new material in shows.

This is extremely sad news for Martin Garrix fans across the world, as his live sets have often included ID’s that have built excitement and anticipation for future releases. The action taken is in the interest of his own credibility when releasing track, which should be pretty understandable given the amount of hours producers can spend perfecting tracks. He announces at the end of the post that all official music videos will now be found on his page exclusively.

Track theft of this sort is unfortunately a common occurrence, however there is hope that in the future Garrix can continue to play out new music without the risk of it being stolen.

Martin Garrix unreleased track outburst

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