DJ Snake & Mercer – Let’s Get Ill

Pardon My French cohorts and now collaborators, DJ Snake and Mercer come together for their bew tune ‘Let’s Get Ill. DJ Snake made a surprise announcement that there was new music on the way. Of course, the announcement came with short notice, however it was only until recently that information came forth the tune would end up being a collaboration with fellow frenchman Mercer. The track which debuted at Ultra Music Festival’s 20th anniversary in Miami has been waiting some time for its official release now.

While this tune certainly seems more up Mercer’s alley than DJ Snake’s, it gives DJ Snake the luxury of flaunting an extremely diverse catalog. The club record uses a repetitive yet groovy top-line until the eventual deep dive into the breakdown. The raw simplistic sound of ‘Let’s Get Ill‘ relies heavily on a simple sound focusing in on kicks, aggressive ull synth lines and intricate hat work. DJ Snake is constantly experimenting within multiple genres including house, trap, hip-hop, and recently even Jersey Club with his extensive support of artists such as 4B, and Teez, and debuting the major release of ‘Whistle‘ on his Premiere Classe Records.

Snake has always been one of the larger scale DJs leading the crowd and openly calling for a massive inclusion and diversification of dance music’s sound globally. We have to remember this is the same DJ who not only released ‘A Different Way‘ with developing vocal phenom Lauv, but he then turned around and released ‘Magenta Riddim‘ a completely different sounding project.

Listen to massive club collaboration, ‘Let’s Get Ill‘ below: