Silk City debut ‘Only Can Get Better’ music video

Silk City aka the Diplo and Mark Ronson super group,  debuted their massive single ‘Only Can Get Better‘ roughly a month ago. Now working our way into mid summer season, the duo have decided it’s time to gift us with the tunes official music video. The ‘Only Can Get Better‘ music video gives off a youthful and energetic visual presence. The overlapping colourful display of quick cut clips to show footage of the duo at what looks to be their recent Governors Ball show, spacious dance floors, and big city lifestyles all compile to give the tune a unique and retro feel.

The groovy, 80’s house influenced tune solidifies its exuberant auditory ambiance in line with its visual counterpart. The funky tune features the heavily altered vocals of Australian R&B vocalist Daniel Merriweather, who has history with Silk City’s Mark Ronson. Although not directly involved with Diplo, Merriweather has worked previously with Ronson going way back to the 2007 release ‘Stop Me‘.

That’s correct you did in fact read that right, 11 years ago is the last time the two last recorded together. If that doesn’t put the collective age and musical history of the Silk City project into perspective what will? While we have been through the golden ages of progressive house Swedish House Mafia, and other greats these two have been seen genres that seem obsolete today at their heights, and the birth/influence of completely new genres such as dubstep, trap and more. While the Silk City duo may not be young, they are certainly framing their music in a youthful and passionate light and that’s truly what matters when it comes to the serious pep in your step ‘Only Can Get Better‘ dishes out.

Take a look at Silk City’s official ‘Only Can Get Better‘ music video below: