Skrillex hints new music with post-hardcore band ‘From First To Last’

He jumped onto the electronic dance music scene in style and captivated millions of music lovers with his hard-hitting dubstep sound and with it, an arsenal of original releases. From ‘Scary Monsters And Nice Spirits‘ to ‘Bangarang‘, Skrillex has been a household name in EDM over the years and one of high-demand, with fans flocking to see the music producer perform his spirited, energetic and quite frankly amazing performances all around the world. But the Skrillex camp has been all to quiet lately and electronic dance music is missing its king of dubstep. Rest assured, however, while the DJ broke his long silence with a heartfelt message it looks as though Sonny Moore has hinted at some brand new music, but this time it is with his old band From First To Last.

Skrillex shared a screenshot from a group chat which looks to confirm the band are ready to drop a brand new track for their fans – and did we mention it’s free? The track in question is called ‘Surrender‘, and according to the group chat, the band’s group members Derek BloomMatt Good, and Travis Ritcher all seem to agree on dropping the track for free.

Of course, this is great news for Sonny, his band, and also the millions of Sonny Moore fans who have patiently awaited his return to making music. We can only hope that in time the music producer drops new music on his Skrillex alias. Until then make sure you are following the ‘Cinema‘ star on his socials for news and updates.