Home Uncategorized Ultra Miami 2019 tickets officially go on sale
Now 3 months after the

Ultra Miami 2019 tickets officially go on sale

Home Uncategorized Ultra Miami 2019 tickets officially go on sale

Now 3 months after the incredible 20th anniversary of Ultra Music Festival in Miami, festival goers and fans around the world have the opportunity to purchase their early bird tickets for the 2019 edition. With the tickets now available to the public, Ultra Music Festival have also decided to debut a beautifully edited video recap of all the wonderful memories from this year’s edition.

The commemorative 4k footage, shot by Final Kid Films, takes fans and festival-goers alike around the festival grounds, from the megastructure, to the live stage, and of course the main stage. The video relives only the most nostalgic moments from Ultra 2018, all set to the enticing soundtrack of Yotto’s Edge of Affection‘. The video features shots from the festival’s most talked about performances, ranging from Marshmello and Swedish House Mafia to other names such as DJ Snake, Hardwell, Tiësto and Carl Cox.

While many unforgettable memories were created, ultimately there is still an elephant in the room regarding Ultra’s future tenure at Bayfront Park. Of course, the controversy revolving around Ultra’s ability to maintain their hold on to the ground for the near future derives from the city itself, placing a more conservative reign on what they want Bayfront Park to be used for. Per Miami.com and Joe Flechas a writer at Miami Herald, money is a large factor.

“Under Ultra’s most recent contract to use the park, it paid Miami a combination of a use fee and a ticket surcharge placed on each admission. Over the life of the five-year contract, it netted the city an average of about $663,000, and $742,000 this year alone. The contract expired after the March festival. Commissioner Joe Carollo, who doubles as chairman of the Bayfront Park Management Trust, wants Ultra to pay a $2 million flat fee under a new contract…He also wants to city to reevaluate how Bayfront Park is used and possibly cut the number of events it hosts. Residents complain the number of days the park is closed to general public use because of festivals and other events has more than tripled since 2011.”

No matter Ultra’s current negotiations with city and private officials, it seems almost certain they’ll do what it takes to keep their flagship festival in Miami. In addition, with tickets for their 2019 edition already on sale, you better believe no matter the situation, tickets for the landmark stop will continue to sell at a record pace.

Tickets for Ultra Miami 2019 are available for those who pre-registered here.

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