Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw release highly anticipated album ‘New Blood’

Formed in 2010. Signed by Diplo‘s Mad Decent in 2014. Playing some of the biggest festivals worldwide. Releasing a new album. The rise of Yellow Claw across the past 8 years has taken them to the peak of the electronic music scene, and their constant success is due to the quality and diversity that their music possesses. Releases such as ‘Catch Me‘ with Flux Pavillion and Naaz, ‘DJ Turn It Up‘, and ‘Till It Hurts‘ have been significant in reeling in new listeners whilst retaining old ones. Crossing genres and providing consistent quality has taken Yellow Claw towards the top, and the next step on their journey is to release a new album. Previous success on EP, LP, and album releases has been notable, but their new album ‘New Blood‘ takes Yellow Claw to a new level.

Though the album only dropped on June 22nd on Barong Family, a number of singles have already been released from the album. The duo – who were initially formed as a trio – released ‘Both Of Us‘ featuring STORi late last year, and the track managed to work its way into the US Dance Charts peaking at 24. The track’s combination of trap vibes and prominent horns blend with STORi’s vocals to create a huge track that is suited both commercially and for festival sets.

Following this came ‘Villain‘, a deeper, more house-infused number that incorporates some of their staple elements from other genres. The vocal provides great depth for the track, as the instrumental is quite simple yet greatly effective. The feel-good, laid-back vibe that the track possesses is not exactly what we know Yellow Claw for, however it certainly works on this track, shown by its YouTube success, as the track as already hit 2.4M views.

Their collaboration with San Holo titled ‘Summertime‘ soon followed, and you can check out our review of this track here.

Next up came ‘Crash This Party‘, a high energy track that takes to the iconic Yellow Claw sound when the drop hits. Coupled with an incredible vocal provided by Tabitha Nauser, the instrumental continues to build and keep the momentum high up until the drop. When the track fully hits, you get a full feel of the real Yellow Claw sound, as they exploit the sound that has proved to be so influential to a number of their hits.

Bittersweet‘ soon followed, and this track is pushing a huge summer sound with its electric guitar riff’s and drum beats. A more relaxed track, ‘Bittersweet‘ has a commercial twist to it but explores a new genre that Yellow Claw haven’t worked with too much. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that the quality isn’t there, as the track is bursting with potential.

Back to the trap vibes with ‘Fake Chanel‘ alongside A$AP Ferg and Creek Boyz, the track is one of the most ‘Yellow Claw’-sounding tracks of the album. Pure trap vibes, a massive climax, and the iconic “Yellow-mother-f*****g-Claw” vocal drop: this track has everything you need to make a Yellow Claw hit, and it does exactly that.

To The Max‘ is what you would class as the complete opposite to ‘Fake Chanel‘. Taking a much more commercial approach, the vocal dropped on the track by Lil Debbie is prominent, with more latino vibes when MC Kekel and MC Gustta provide their input. Working alongside Bok Nero on the track – fellow Barong Family artists – the vibe remains subdued throughout and never really hits a climax, yet still packs plenty of punch.

Public Enemy‘. Yellow Claw. DJ Snake. The track surely couldn’t sound much more menacing with a name and production team like that, right? Vocal chops, rapid snares, plenty of weird sounds and a good few risers for effect take the track towards the drop, and it fully goes off. A pure festival banger, and undoubtably one of the most likely to be supported throughout the summer season, ‘Public Enemy‘ is sure to rip up main stages through the coming months with its energetic, no-holds drop.

The most recent single to appear from the album is the duo’s collaboration with vocalist Rochelle titled ‘Waiting‘. Early vibes give a relaxed feel to the track, but as the track progresses, you get the feeling that a switch up is iminent. When you reach the drop, the track takes a huge turn. Diverting from relaxation and summer sounding vibes, Yellow Claw really switch the track up and throw in a festival trap drop. Sirens, horns, piano stabs: what more could you ask for?

A number of tracks are yet to be released as singles but make their first appearance on the album. The first track on New Blood’s album listing is ‘Lost On You‘, and it appears that the duo wanted to raise the intensity as the album went on rather than going straight in. The chilled out feel to the track through its piano chord stabs, kick-click combinations, and soothing vocals give an almost-tropical house vibe through its break, and though the track never really ‘drops’, it continues to provide the summer feels.

Working with Chace, one of Barong Family’s ever growing producers, you could always guarantee in your mind how the end result might sound. Though the break is extremely relaxing with a deep vocal and piano chords, ‘Attention‘ takes a turn towards an incredible trap drop. Soundtrack-like vibes throughout the whole track give the track plenty of atmosphere and depth, and create one of the best tracks on the album.

Yellow Claw and Moksi is always bound to be a quality production collaboration, and ‘Down On Love‘ is exactly that. Holding some garage vibes underneath the vocal from Yade Lauren, that track has a combination of both duo’s sounds but explores a more relaxed vibe. The quartet came together for a track on Yellow Claw’s last album titled ‘Open‘, which again had a chilled out approach. Hopefully, some future collaborations may see them truly rip up stages with a blend of their high energy sounds.

Track 12 is titled ‘I’ll Be Fine‘, and leads with a sweet vocal from Kelsey Gill. Synth stabs and some energetic percussion add a driving force to the track, and as it progresses up to the drop, the track reaches a melodic climax that has plenty of commercial potential.

The final track on the album is a collaboration with the vocalist of the first track – STORi. Once again providing spectacular lyrics over an even better instrumental, ‘Another Life‘ is the perfect ending to the track, and rounds off a monumental album from Yellow Claw.

The Dutch duo have blown up over their career, and the growth of their artist image and their label Barong Family is set to continue with the release of their new album ‘New Blood’. Check out the album for yourself and let us know what you think!

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