Dave Winnel & DLMT – Always Feels Like

Two of the currently brightest up and coming acts have recently joined forces for a gargantuan collaborative track. Beginning with the Australian native, Dave Winnel has been on a rapid incline after signing with some of the industry’s most prominent record labels. With releases on Axtone, and Armada, Dave Winnel has certainly proven his grounds as one of the world’s finest music producers.

Similarly, DLMT has become one of the electronic music scene’s fastest-rising talents. Capturing the support of the likes of Fedde Le Grand, Oliver Heldens or Sam Feldt in the past, the Canadian producer has truly established himself as one of the top artists to watch out for.

Even with the amount of success Dave Winnel and DLMT have accumulated thus far, the two producers show no signs of slowing down with their latest single, which just dropped on Future House Music. Titled ‘Always Feel Like’, this gem is a real party-starter.

After passing the crowd-testing phase, ‘Always Feel Like’ is now set to bring the heat to any upcoming festival and dance event. With its groovy rhythm, punchy basslines, and sharp vocal placement, this brand new record flawlessly combines several musical elements into one superb piece of production. In addition, the lively drops provide even more energy to the track, which are capable of making any listener dance from the beginning to the end.

We Rave You took the opportunity to speak to Dave Winnel and DLMT and get a glimpse inside their production process and future plans. Here’s what they had to say.

Congratulations on your new release ‘I Always Feel Like’! How did you guys team up and what did you have in mind for the track?

Dave: DLMT was in Europe for the summer last year and the legends over at FHM linked us up. So of course when he came to Amsterdam (where I was living) we hung out, had some pizza and sunk some beers. We didn’t really have anything in mind for the track, it just kept growing and evolving until eventually, we added the “watching me” top line.

You’re both solo artists. So in regards of collaborating, do you find it more time consuming working with someone else, due to all the debating on mixing the track, the arrangements, the little details etc, or do you thrive knowing you’re in the company of another talented artist?

Dave: It’s so good to have another pair of ears, working by yourself you can kinda get lost. We did the whole track over the internet; Dan being Canadian & I being Australian, so there were a few Skype calls to get some of the ideas and mixing points across. No real debating though. More like “Yo, what happened to that high hat??? Put that back in”. “No probs. You got it”… kinda thing.

Future House Music acts as a great hub for established as well as up-and-coming producers today. How is it being on the label’s roster?

Dan: It has been fantastic so far, we have gotten to know the guys very well and think very highly of the label. From bookings and releases to all the support they have given over the years to Dave and myself, they have really helped push our music and audience. We met and linked up through the label itself, so this collab would have never happened without FHM!

You’re both playing the Future House Music stage at We Are Electric Festival this weekend. What can fans expect from you both? How do you usually prepare your sets for festivals specifically?

Dan: I’m closing the FHM stage Saturday night and looking to bring a different vibe then I normally play. With a couple of my past and upcoming singles, I’ve really started to push the boundaries of my style and experiment. Dave is going to be joining me on stage and we have a special little treat we have prepared for everyone, really stoked for this!

Typically I like to prep my set according to the club/festival I am playing, but there are always core songs I like to play out every set. Every audience is different so we both tend to vibe off the crowd and go with the flow!

What does the rest of the summer have in store for both of you?

Dave: Next up for me is Tomorrowland, I’ll be playing on the mega Axtone stage! After that heading to Croatia to play at Aquarius. Along with the DLMT collab I Also have a huge one coming up with New_Id and a bunch other other releases that I should bore you with right now!

Dan: I’ve got a couple other big releases coming up that have been a long time in the works, and am very excited to announce. Also I’ve got a couple shows back home in Canada to finish out the summer!

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