Deadmau5 releases orchestral album ‘Where’s The Drop?’ across all platforms

Constantly slotting in as one of the industries most innovative and brilliant creative minds, Deadmau5’s fully orchestral album ‘Where’s The Drop‘, has officially gone live across all platforms. Originally a TIDAL exclusive upon release, the powerful album takes several Deadmau5 hits and flips them in a sonically gripping fashion. The album which features 15 tracks, including ‘Imaginary Friends‘, ‘Acedia‘, ‘Superbia‘ and ‘Strobe‘ to name only a select few – stuns listeners opening their minds to a completely new side of Joel’s production.

The experiential project opens up huge new avenues for Deadmau5 in scoring and composing orchestral arrangements for film, tv and even gaming soundtracks. Opening up in a Billboard interview about his album, Joel takes time to note this himself saying,

““I’ve always wanted to go into film scoring. I think that this is a better entry point because now I’m like [expletive] walking the walk, as opposed to [expletive] talking the talk. Which is all you can do before anyone would think that you are capable of scoring a film, you know what I mean..?”

Even though the albums official release was on March 30th 2018, Joel has since taken plenty of time to dedicate solely to scoring and composing for film. So much so he’s drawn attention and criticism from some for his lack of releases with such an emphasized focus on his scoring. Regardless, ‘Where’s The Drop‘, resonates deeply across all emotional categories, as the listener indulges serene classical accompaniments to noticeable melodic lines. Joel even worked with award-winning composer Gregory Reveret on the project. Reveret is most known for his musical arrangements on box office topers such as Deadpool, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Furious 7.

Needless to say, the opportunity to see “Deadmau5” accredited on your future favorite film or TV series as the lead composer becoming more likely day by day. In the meantime, take a listen to the beautiful arrangements on Deadmau5’s, ‘Where’s The Drop’ below: