Galantis drop retrospective music video for ‘Mama Look At Me Now’

Swedish electro house duo Galantis are absolutely on fire lately. Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw have just released two brand new summer anthems last week titled ‘Satisfied’ and ‘Mama Look At Me Now’, and on top of that they delivered amazing recent performances at both Tomorrowland and Parookaville. The rest of the summer promises to be extremely busy for Galantis as well, when looking at the duo’s touring schedule, but nevertheless they have also managed to drop a massive music video for ‘Mama Look At Me Now’.

The video tells the story of the troubled childhoods of two young kids, whose teachers thought that nothing good would ever come their way in their future lives. The kids got into trouble all the time and were told that they would probably never leave the town they grew up in… “but mama look at me now!” We all know the story of Galantis and their amazing success ever since their breakthrough hit Runaway (U & I)’, so Karlsson and Eklöw can definitely relate to the story of the two young kids that is being told.

The video also includes some pretty exclusive footage from Galantis’ early years, when they had just started to take the music industry by storm. It shows them goofing around in hotel lobbies, driving golf carts backstage at festivals and throwing parties in their hotel rooms while traveling around the world in private jet planes. Additional animations with neon swirls brighten up the story even more and if you watch closely you’ll discover some short cuts of previous Galantis videos like ‘Satisfied’ and ‘Spaceship’.

The video for ‘Mama Look At Me Now’ is an absolute must-see for all true Galantis fans, and will give you that extra insight into the life of one of electronic music’s heavyweight acts. Check it out below.