Laidback Luke Avicii

Laidback Luke answers fan questions on Reddit AMA

Dutch DJ and one of the dance communities finest ambassadors, Laidback Luke recently inserted a slue of fan questions in a public Reddit AMA. The dance music star’s massive fan base put forth over 200 personal and artistic related questions, and regardless of the content of the question Laidback Luke stayed true to his Q&A ambitions answering everything in eloquent fashion. A number of DJs and producers use Reddit to find out fans preferences, questions, interests and more, often using it as inspiration for the future.

One curious fan asked about the claims of Nicky Romero holding on to some unreleased tunes with Avicii and if he thinks it’s appropriate to release them following the legends unsightly passing.

An early a pressing question posed by another fan from Hawaii centered around the future of the DJ scene and if a DJ without a mainstream hit can actually make enough money to support themselves. Of course Luke hit back with an educated and realistic anwser.

One fan even asked about Laidback Luke’s go to food to eat while touring, and his answer may surprise you.

Luke even got some questions from up and comers who may have hit home for him, as we know everyone gets their start somewhere and even if it’s in finding inspiration in other figures like the dutch man himself Luke helps guide and encourage those with his answer.

Of course what would a Q&A be like if there weren’t any inquires about music? This fan gets right to the point with Luke asking what the deal with his new album is and when it can be expected? Although not super reassuring, Luke keeps it honest and cordial without revealing a date but just saying its all in the evolution of his sound.

Last but not least among all the Reddit questions there was nothing but gratitude from the man behind the Q&A himself. Although not long lived the man behind the decks thanked everyone for their questions and left with an ambitious and inspiring note.