Swedish house mafia

Steve Angello debuts potential new Swedish House Mafia ID

Following Swedish House Mafia’s return to the stage at Ultra’s 20th anniversary in Miami Florida it’s been the year of Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello. With Axwell and Sebastian, the highlight has been their group project Axwell & Ingrosso which has seen plenty of success with hit songs such as ‘More Than You Know‘, ‘Dreamer‘ and their most recent tune, ‘Dancing Alone‘.

While Steve Angello has been the more under the radar of the three, he makes up for it via on-stage presence and truly putting on a show for his audience. The solo artist ritually has brought something new to his shows around the globe and he certainly delivered at Ultra Europe where he debuted a brand new ID.

Angello has been littering his sets with new tunes as of late, keeping audiences around the world on their toes and in tune with his sets. Needless to say, it’s no surprise the artist debuted some new tunes at Ultra Europe but one ID was much more important to that crowd than any other. Before the massive new ID graced it’s way across the airwaves in Split, Croatia, Angello hopped on the mic giving the audience a fair warning to what was to come. Steve told fans,

“Croatia, this is a brand new song! I’ve never played this anywhere else. This is the first time…It’s all about love!”

The message “It’s all about love” certainly resonated throughout the crowd and festival. This holds especially true for Steve Angello amidst all the rumors of Swedish House Mafia’s full scale reunion and potential hints of a comeback world tour for the trio. Steve even gave fans a little easter egg of what is to come closing his set off further confirming clearly something is up saying, “Swedish House Mafia loves you!” Who knows maybe the new ID is the first Swedish House Mafia comeback track? Regardless, listen to a snipet Steve Angello’s debut ID below: