Supermode’s ‘Tell Me Why’ turns 12 years old

Long before the days of Swedish House Mafia or Axwell Λ Ingrosso came Axwell Λ Angello, aka Supermode. The Swedish duo, teaming up in their pre-SHM days were responsible for one of the biggest dance hits of all time in the shape of ‘Tell Me Why’, which is still sometimes aired in their sets to this very day.

Now turning 12 years old, it is tough to believe that such an iconic record is almost entering teenage years, but following their Swedish House Mafia reunion earlier this year, luckily we can look forward to many more Steve Angello and Axwell collaborations in future. Blessed with a hilarious video which sees the duo take their girlfriends around a karting track, the competitive nature of the Swedes is explored throughout with the track opening with a thumping bassline.

Though the Supermode project is no longer running, we can always be thankful to these two legendary producers for giving us such a timeless classic. You can relive Supermode’s ‘Tell Me Why’ below, with the track now officially turning 12 years old!

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