The Chainsmokers – Somebody (Sleuth Remix)

The Chainsmokers‘ latest track ‘Somebody’, their 4th release since last year’s ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ album, has received a pretty interesting remix treatment recently. The mysterious project responsible for the remix is called Sleuth, a ‘largely unknown entity who claims to hail from the 1800’s’. There are rumors that Sleuth is an organization ‘that has carried out nefarious operations on the fringe of society since the 1800’s, that it never should have survived the turn of the century, but exactly who (or what) Sleuth truly is still remains a mystery as perplexing as time itself.’

As far as music goes, the mysterious remix of The Chainsmokers hit contains trap elements, as well as some seriously sweeping strings and heavy bass lines, giving the track quite a different and darker vibe than the original. Drew Love‘s vocals on ‘Somebody’ largely remain in place to keep it recognizable, but other than that the additional, haunting sound of horns is all over the place throughout the entire track.

The mysterious Sleuth added the following statement to the SoundCloud upload of their remix:

“Music is the connection point and the control point. You have no choice but to trust me. I will take your energy, your mind, and your spirit… you will give me your soul.”

So far, no social media presence or specific human presence is known from Sleuth, but after listening to the infectious remix they have delivered, that might not be the case much longer. Check out the ‘Somebody’ remix via SoundCloud down below and download it for free.