Alban Widow – Our Love

A newcomer amidst Dance music’s ever growing community of artists and producers, UK based German artist Alban Widow looks the part when it comes to showcasing talent. The record producer, who released his first single titled ‘Our Love’ in July , has shown a keen penchant for crafting melodies more than anything in his production. The track received its very own music video in little less than a month since its release and has already gained a significant viewing. What’s more is that the track has raked up significant numbers not only on the video streaming platform but on Spotify and Soundcloud too.

Swirling with vocals and melodic energy right from the get go, ‘Our Love’ is a listening experience that excites the listener. As the track develops further and the vocals fit seamlessly to the production, Alban Widow’s talent is out for all to see. The well crafted percussion give the track a great foundation and the rest is delivered on the back of his penchant for the melody. A twisting and fittingly pitched synth-work charms the listener in its own right and the result is a wonderful track from a budding artist. With ‘Our Love’ out, Alban Widow has aptly announced himself to the scene.

‘Our Love’ is out for purchase on iTunes store here and on other mediums here.

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