Beatgun opens doors for aspiring ghost producers

Beatgun is opening up doors for DJ’s and producers alike, with the launch of their new ghost production service. While as a general consensus, ghost production is still a somewhat taboo subject, the endless debates that surround the now-popularized practice, help bring it out into the limelight nonetheless.

Being the new kids on the block is never easy. With well-established services such as Best Ghost Producer, and all sitting at the top of the food chain, Beatgun look to put their stamp on the market with their low-fee & high return rates. Track prices start at $199 and range up to $499, while offering a wide selection of tracks from various genres, with Future House and Dance/Pop seeming to attract the most attention.

“Our main difference with our competitors is our fee. It is only 25%, which means that you will get 75% of revenue!”

Mixed opinions continue to cloud a stigma around the topic of ghost production. While advocates such as Maarten Vorwerk continue to spread the word and shed a positive light, many other producers working in the industry continue to keep discussions on the down-low.

To browse Beatgun’s song library, see here, while expressions of interest in ghost production can be made here.

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