DJ Snake reflects on his long way to the top in recent Billboard interview

If we look at all the big DJ nowadays, like Martin GarrixHardwell or Don Diablo, we often only see success, success and more success. A life without worrying how to pay the next bill, being able to travel the world and live in luxury. However, we can easily forget that the way to the top was anything but easy for all of these artists and that some really worked their butt off to get where they are today – and therefore deserve all the buzz around them. Another prominent example is French powerhouse DJ Snake. In a recent interview with Billboard, the DJ and producer spoke about his way to the top and how he almost never got there.

The ‘Lets Get Ill’  producer said he almost quit music in 2013 when nothing really worked out for him. His breakthrough song, that also defined the typical DJ Snake sound, ‘Bird Machine’  also was only released because of this one special guy, who should later be part of DJ Snake’s most successful song:

I was trying to send [the song] to all the big dudes…and the only dude that emailed me back was Diplo. I think he said something like, ‘Wow, that’s a game changer. I want this for Mad Decent.

With the ‘special guy’ we meant Diplo of course. DJ Snake and Diplo, as Major Lazer,  later produced ‘Lean On’ which has over 2 billion views on YouTube now. Snake knows how hard it was to bring his music to the big players like RL Grime and Flossstradamus back then, so nowadays he always make sure to the listen to the music of young producers who are waiting at the backdoors of clubs, because he really sees himself in these young and inspired people:

You never know, the next DJ Snake, the next Skrillex, the next big DJs might wait outside of the club,” he says. “You gotta give back and listen to the next generation, and show some love.

So, to all young producers out there: Don’t be shy in trying to show your music to the big DJs out there, because who knows, you might be the next DJ Snake.