Go behind the scenes on the making of Avicii & Rita Ora’s video for ‘Lonely Together’

Approaching almost half a year since Avicii’s saddening passing the legends light still shines upon the dance music scene. In one of his last hit tunes & official music videos Avicii and long time director/collaborator Levan Tsikurishvili share in the music video for, ‘Lonely Together‘ featuring Rita Ora. Even postmortem the video is nominated for Best Special Effects at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, which air Aug. 20. In an emotional interview by Billboard, Levan Tsikurishvili opened up on the making of the video and it’s lasting impact.

Opening up on the making of the video, Levan initially discusses the tragedy and it’s personal impact on him saying,

“I don’t really know how to handle these kind of situations…I’m still collecting my head, to be honest with you…it’s great [to be nominated], but at the same time, its very emotional…I feel a responsibility to keep up his spirit and be there; to do this interview, for example. To not forget him, to be able to get out the message to the fans and to the people that loved him.”

Tsikurishvili was a confidant and friend, but ultimately a collaborator and he was the director of Avicii’s documentary Avicii: True Stories. The detailed documentary let fans into Tim’s daily life, and showed his countless struggles with management, and ultimately for his own well being. But it’s just after this time frame when the concept for ‘Lonely Together‘ came about according to Tsikurishivili.

After much conversation pair settled on a concept just three weeks before their deadline. Apparently adjusting and readjusting said concept upwards of 11 or 12 times. However, admits a tight deadline the pair found a way to finish the video and without Tim it would have been impossible according to Levan.

“He could easily be director by himself…He was really an amazing storyteller, apart from the music. I don’t know where that came from. He would always take the next step on every video we did when it came to understand the whole process.”

As if we didn’t already know how creative Tim was, it seems his confidants held him at an all time level as well. Check out the full interview from Tsikurishivili and exclusive behind the scenes footage via Billboard below.