Jauz reveals new album entitled ‘The Wise and The Wicked’

Half a year after his new years resolution announcement via Twitter, Jauz has stayed true to his word. To roughly capture Sam’s statement the American house mogul said, “My resolution for 2018 is all about giving you guys the most raw, honest, real version of Jauz and myself that there is…” on top of promising the his most “raw” and “honest” self, Jauz also promised “TONS of music” to his fandom and well, here we are in July looking full on at a major announcement from the 24 year old.

In a string of recent tweets Jauz has announced something miraculous coming our way in the form of an album (spoiler alert).

With the world paying firm attention admits the album announcement, the superstar certainly has some expectations to uphold. Although Sam’s had a lot going on for himself the past year with his engagement and so much more, the promise he had made has so far only gone partially fulfilled as he’s given us a song a month. That can only mean that the one way to truly fulfill his word is to come out with something so massive and mind-boggling that it blows these past few releases out of the water. Our first taste of the album will be with the album’s first single ‘Super Fly‘ announced to debut “soon.”

Stay tuned for more information on ‘The Wise and The Wicked‘ and it’s contents here.

Image Credit: Rukes.com