Kygo and Imagine Dragon’s collaboration ‘Born To Be Yours’ gets official music video

When the announcement of Kygo and Imagine Dragons collaboration came, you could imagine straight away how good the final product would be. Combining the sounds of the king of tropical house with one of America’s biggest pop rock bands would blend into something special, and ‘Born To Be Yours‘ was just that. Lead vocalist Dan Reynolds, who has worked on a number of electronic music tracks including collaborating with Avicii, provides soothing vocals to a summer anthem that bridges any possible divide between Kygo’s iconic tropical sounds and Imagine Dragons instrumentalists, to make something stunning. This expertly produced track has reached the top 10 of 8 different charts worldwide, and its success has warranted an official music video, which has just been released.

Though the video doesn’t feature either Kygo or Imagine Dragons, the footage contains a less expected lead character. Modern electronic music videos have featured anything from dancers and shufflers, to fight scenes, but the inclusion of Sasquatchs – or as they are more fondly known Bigfoot – is certainly not something that occurs often. The video sees Bigfoot on his quest to find love, engaging with a female over social media and arranging to meet. Whilst on route, the Sasquatch is caught out by hunters, who chase him off through the woods. Luckily, he stumbles his way to the house of the girl he planned to meet, recognised from the first pictures he saw. However, to his surprise, entering her house reveals numerous heads of animals displayed on the walls. Before he has chance to get out, he is struck by the woman he had arranged to meet, and chained up aside a fellow Sasquatch seemingly caught earlier. The video provides an impeccable setting to capture the meaning of the lyrics in ‘Born To Be Yours‘, and pairs up nicely.

Find out their fate by watching the video below, and see if Bigfoot finds love.

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