NHL star reveals special Avicii helmet design

Swedish NHL goaltender Anton Forsberg has paid tribute to Avicii, revealing a specially designed custom helmet in his latest game for the Chicago Blackhawks. The ice-hockey star, a huge fan of Avicii, told reporters:

“First of all, it was tragic, the whole story. I watched the documentary [True Stories], and it was tragic how he opened up on everything and still didn’t get the help he needed. I’ve always listened to his music and have been a big fan of it. For me, there was no hesitation putting him on the mask. I just grew up listening to his music and I still listen to it. The whole story is really tragic.”

Forsberg’s mask was designed by David Gunnarsson, who is also of Swedish descent and posted a photo of the design on his Instagram account. Forsberg asked Bergling’s parents, Klas Bergling and Anki Liden, for permission to use his depiction on his mask. The mask also features Forsberg’s pet shiba dog, Baxter, along with the Blackhawks logo on top and his No. 31 on his chin.

You can check out the design below:


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