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Very few years throughout the entire history of dance music have managed to shock and delight in equal measure in the same way that 2018 did. Led by the euphoria of three returning Swedes, and the tragic loss of another, this was truly a game-changing 12 month period for the industry. From the retirement of the former #1 DJ in

Following Avicii's death in Oman earlier this year, one of the most tragic realisations of the incident was that the world would not hear any fresh music from Tim Bergling ever again. The production mastermind, responsible for a flurry of the biggest hits ever made, was truly a genius in the studio, but now, his Mike Posner collaboration 'Change A

Swedish NHL goaltender Anton Forsberg has paid tribute to Avicii, revealing a specially designed custom helmet in his latest game for the Chicago Blackhawks. The ice-hockey star, a huge fan of Avicii, told reporters: “First of all, it was tragic, the whole story. I watched the documentary [True Stories], and it was tragic how he opened up on everything and still didn't get

"Someone in a particular area of activity who is one of the first people to be involved in, or develop, something new." The dictionary definition of a 'Pioneer' is perhaps the most fitting tribute that can be paid to Tim Bergling (aka, Avicii) today. Almost 24 hours since the news broke of the Swede's passing, and the Avicii-shaped silhouettes which still loom

After recent news about Axwell /\ Ingrosso leaving Ash Pournouri's At Night Management in order to rekindle their cooperative partnership with former Swedish House Mafia manager Amy Thomson, further news have emerged concerning Ash Purnouri's power brand. According to a reliable source, more artist have followed Axwell /\ Ingrosso and silently left At Night. Surprinsingly, this affects Otto Knows, iSHi and Didkrick. It

The Swedish House Mafia saga was declared officialy over after Axwell /\ Ingrosso announced their departure from long time manager and ATM Management founder Amy Thomson one year ago. The pairs decision to leave her came as a shock to many. Under Thomson's leadership, Axwell and Ingrosso managed to relaunch their new career, whereas Thomson's management rights remained unchanged during