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Avicii’s ‘True Stories’ documentary to return to Cinemas

In October 2017, the premiere of the Avicii ‘True Stories’ movie was shown in various cinemas around the world. With all of Tim’s fans flocking to the movies that night to catch the story of his rise (and ultimate fall), venues such as VUE in London aired the production to a sea of popcorn-guzzlers and EDM fans alike.

With the documentary gaining a huge amount of traction, and widespread worldwide plaudits, the film will now return to cinemas this December, ahead of an eligible Oscars nomination in 2019. Airing in Los Angeles and New York, ‘True Stories’ will get another limited theatre run during the Christmas month, and will be shown between 21st and 27th Dec in NYC, and 14-20 Dec in L.A.

The documentary, directed by Levan Tsikurishvili, shows rare footage of Tim Berling’s life, as Ash Pournouri, former manager of Avicii, tells the camera that he intends to work him so hard, that he will die. Chillingly, Ash’s aim became true in April of this year, when Avicii committed suicide in Muscat, Oman, leaving the world in mourning. If you chose not to see the movie in 2017, you can’t afford to make the same mistake twice, so go see it this time!


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