The Chainsmokers premiere new single ‘This Feeling’

There is no denying The Chainsmokers of their expediential success and rise to super-stardom fame since bursting onto the electronic dance music scene with their mildly infectious hit ‘Selfie‘. However, showing their expertise in producing phenomenal tracks that garner momentum across a range of music charts, the American duo have sought a mammoth following around the world which has seen them rise up the ranks faster than most could in four short years. This is mainly due to their original productions that in a matter of nights can go from fresh-hits to chart-topping bangers with millions of streams and plays in little to no time.

That can be said for their latest track ‘This Feeling‘ which only got its release an early this month and has gained huge traction with electronic fans alike. While it may be racking up the streams and plays online, The Chainsmokers gave the track its World Premiere during an episode of the Ellen Show in America. Safe to say Kelsea’s vocals are just as mesmerising when performed live.

You can catch the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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