The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers release their stunning Creamfields 2018 set

Without a doubt, one of the biggest and most important festivals of the electronic dance music scene is Creamfields. Taking place every August in England, the top tier festival hosts internationally renowned DJs such as HardwellAxwell ^ Ingrosso, and Martin Garrix. One act, the Amercian duo Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, better known as The Chainsmokers now finally released their breathtaking 90-minute set from the Sick Boy Stage at Creamfields.

The Sick Boy Stage is one of the two huge mainstages at Creamfields and was, in fact, named after The Chainsmokers’ song ‘Sick Boy’, because the duo from the US hosted that stage on the 24th of August. Next, to the two, DJs who made an appearance, there were names like Martin Solveig and SIGMA.

Just like their set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this year, The Chainsmokers did not start soft and slow, even you might expect it from them, given the fact that The Chainsmokers are responsible for songs like ‘Closer’ and ‘Paris’. However, the two had pyro fire in their hand and started off with a mash-up of ‘Sick Boy’ and ‘Gangster’ by SayMyName. The amount of bass does not stop here, as The Chainsmokers continue to play Bass House, Trap and Dubstep tunes like ‘Vault’ by Excision. People who just know The Smokers from their album or their radio songs will get hugely surprised by the fast-paced and bass-heavy set. Nevertheless, The Chainsmokers of course also played fan-favorites like ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and ‘Something Just Like This’, all accompanied by a live band and sometimes even the live vocals of Drew Taggart.

All in one The Chainsmokers delivered an exceptional 1,5 hour set at Creamfields Festival this year. The mixture of new tracks and well-known tracks is on point. After the release of their newest track ‘This Feeling’  you can enjoy their set right now!