Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki transforms ‘Neon Future’ from albums to a comic series

Sometimes, artists do not simply release a ‘standalone’ album, that has some tracks on it and then they move on. No, some artists prefer to tell a story with an album or even with multiple albums. This is what Steve Aoki did. His albums ‘Neon Future’, ‘Neon Future II’ and the upcoming ‘Neon Future III’  tell a story. Even more, they are a (fictive) outlook into the future. To visualize this outlook, Steve Aoki has now teamed up with Impact Theory to produce a comic series.

The comic series will have the suiting title ‘Neon Future’ and issue number 1 will be out soon, on October 4th. Steve Aoki, a big comic fan, summed up the creation of the series very well:

My obsession with mixing science and tech all started when I was a kid reading comic books. It took me on a ride to see how far the imagination can go, seeing ideas crossing the threshold from science fiction to fact. That’s the foundation of Neon Future, where we’re headed as we evolve, our downfalls, our victories, and breakthroughs to find a way to survive and thrive through it all.

Aoki received the support of the renowned comic writer Jim Kruger, who has been responsible for comics such as ‘Earth X’ by Marvel and ‘Justice’ by DC. When asked about ‘Neon Future’, Krueger said:

I’m so excited to be part of Neon Future.  It has all the elements of a dynamic story, with compelling characters who evolve into true heroes by overcoming suffering. Working closely with Steve Aoki’s extraordinary imagination, our team has built something really special.

The comic will be premiered at next weeks New York Comic Con. Steve Aoki will visit the convention as well to celebrate the premiere and be part of the ‘From the Stage to the Page: Musicians Creating Comic Books’ panel on Friday, October 5th. For those who can’t join New York Comic Con still have the chance to order the first issue of ‘Neon Future’ on the website of Impact Theory!