Tiësto releases action-packed ‘WOW’ music video

Following the Dutch legends, summer smash with fellow producer Dzeko and breakout vocalist, Post Malone on ‘Jackie Chan,‘ Tiësto debuted his first solo electro-house tune ‘WOW.’ The release which saw its claim to festival fame on several stages including Alfa Future People, Tomorrowland, Creamfields and more, gave us a taste of the former Club Life man we all know and love. The only caveat to such an anthem is giving a music video with equally as much life, and boy – Tiësto most certainly completed that task with the action-packed video for ‘WOW.’


In the animated video, directed & animated by Bram Knol, viewers follow a boy who is seemingly saving his technologically over-run city by simply destroying whatever he can flip and fight his way to. Our implied hero also seemingly has a weapon of choice to deal with those nasty drones and those are his pocket bombs – falling right into line with the tunes vocal sample, “sometimes a bomb might explode without any warning.” Almost perfectly in synch with the tunes hits, drops and otherwise lofty kicks, just like Tiësto’s animated video for ‘Jackie Chan‘ the music video for ‘WOW‘ exudes a certain Tron-esque, futuristic type universe.

Immerse yourself in the explosive music video for Tiësto’s ‘WOW’ below: