Zedd Elley Duhe Happy Now

Zedd feat. Elley Duhé – Happy Now (Acoustic)

Undoubtedly, one of the best DJ and producer from Germany is ZEDD. Even though he now lives in Los Angeles, Anton Zaslavski, ZEDDs real name, is amongst Germany’s finest music exports. One of the recent releases of the 29-year old has been ‘Happy Now’ featuring the vocals of Elley Duhé – a powerful electro-pop track with, already, almost 75 million streams on Spotify. After the huge success of the ‘original mix’ of the track, ZEDD decided to put the beautiful vocals of Elley Duhé in the focus a little bit more. And he did so by releasing the acoustic version of ‘Happy Now’.

Next, to a normal audio-only release, ZEDD also uploaded the video of the acoustic version to his YouTube channel. Even though it seems that the guy playing the guitar next to Elley Duhé is actually ZEDD, it is not. But the ZEDD lookalike does not come out of anywhere, because it is, in fact, the brother of ZEDD: Arkadi Zaslavski. His skills for playing the guitar are a perfect match for the creation of the video. As already mentioned, next to Arkadi Zaslavski is Elley Duhé performing the lyrics of ‘Happy Now’. Mixing vocals together and, potentially, making them better than they actually sound it not a big deal in the studio, but when it comes to actual acoustic, live version, you really can see (or HEAR) whether someone can sing or not. And yes, Elley Duhé can sing! This version is even cleaner and more natural than the original one. In fact, if you forget about the microphones in the scene, this could’ve been also just two friends casually sitting together and performing their favourite song.

We can be very curious of what’s next for ZEDD, he teased a potential collab with Katy Perry, after all. But for now, check out the awesome acoustic version of ZEDD’s collab with Elley Duhé – ‘Happy Now’.