Alesso’s hit ‘Heroes (We Could Be)’ turns 4 years old

Looking back at the incredibly decorated discography of Alesso, a few songs stand out as special. Back in 2014, the dance music movement had reached dizzying new heights. As one of the years most notable songs, “Heroes” crafted up by Alesso and Swedish swinger Tove Lo would go on to become a worldwide chart smasher. In the United States, the song went to number one on the dance charts.

Still receiving plenty of airplay today, “Heroes” captures the sentiment of Alesso’s bold endeavour to bring his flavour of progressive house music into the mainstream conscious of listeners everywhere. The song features a euphoric string melody that pairs excellent with Tove Lo’s mesmerizing voice. The song would become an anthem played out by many DJ’s and radio stations all across the world. The song did exceptionally well in the UK, where it went to number one on the dance chart just like in the US. In Australia, the song is certified platinum, however in his home country Sweden the song is certified double platinum.

Speaking to how the song came together, Alesso explained to Billboard:

“When Tove Lo and I first started working together, she’d tell me about how she wanted to be different, to stand out as an artist. And on some level, I think everyone goes through that. As a teenager, I was always wondering about who I was, what was my identity, did I secretly wish I was someone else. But as you [age], you realize that it’s not about being someone else.” When asked what inspired the song’s lyrics, he continued, “My team and I reached out to [Lo] to see if she’d be interested in a collaboration, and a couple months later, we began writing the lyrics that would go over these instrumentals. We discussed what it should be about — we knew it should be an emotional record — and this gorgeous girl came back with this gorgeous topline.

Relive this one of a kind tune below!

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