ATLiens & Badrapper – IMMA

Still with little information and the fine details unknown about them, mysterious duo ATLiens have returned to earth once again to dispatch another production and their latest track on the electronic community. Though mysterious by nature, it is known that the duo hail from Atlanta and they sure know how to cook up a track that earns itself plenty of attention all around the world. Earlier this year the music producers delivered ‘Interstellar‘ with Sara Skinner, a majestically space-bound track with a twist. Now ATLiens go deeper with their newest creation ‘IMMA‘ and demonstrate the sinister, more incongruous soundscapes that the masked producers are becoming synonymous for.

IMMA‘ has a general Halloween-esque feel to it with its wobbling basslines, throbbing drums, low deep cuts, and masterful edits that entwine together for the perfect musical concoction. The track is a collaboration with Australian music artist Badrapper, who together as a trio make sure their listeners feel the haunting vibes and steady pulsed beats throughout the entirety of the track from start to finish. It is extremely easy to become immersed in the sounds as ‘IMMA‘ infiltrates the mind and the ears for a simply unique journey.

Their return to earth once again signals that ATLiens are on course to pursue their electronic dance music domination. The duo is growing stronger at an exponential rate thanks to their variety of original releases and collaborations that have bode well with their equally growing fanbase. With each release, the duo is becoming more fearless which means there will be more sightings of the mysterious pair to follow.

There is no time to hang about as these extraterrestrials known as ATLiens are ready to take you off this planet and into their forbidden musical world. Enjoy the menacing sounds of ‘IMMA‘ below and keep your eyes in the sky for their next release.