GRAVEDGR drops six remixes of ‘Rampage’

It has not been long since heavy-hitting bass specialist GRAVEDGR dropped a bomb of a debut track on the electronic music industry back in June which certainly set about causing a storm. The track in question – ‘Rampage‘ – released on Carnage‘s label Heavyweight Records was a true introduction for the newcomer who’s identity is still shrouded in mystery. All we know so far is that GRAVEDGR can indefinitely whip up a track with pummeling beats and basslines that assault the ears. While his cult track has caught the attention from bassheads and further afield to the electronic dance music fan spectrum, the music producer has returned and released six official remixes of his track ‘Rampage‘ which has amassed over 5 million streams on Spotify since its release.

Delivering all sorts of bass-thriving madness, each individual remix provides hard-hitting drops, shattering synths, and basslines big enough to blow your socks off. The six remixes have been produced by Ten Riot who is best known for his track ‘Rail Breaker‘, Kami x Greater Than whose remix is quite literally ear-splitting, CaineYDGSchade, and Dr Phunk who delivers a scintillating hardstyle rendition of the track and a must have for any party playlist.

Ready to make an impact on the electronic dance music scene, GRAVEDGR is ready to climb the rankings of bass producers and carve his name at the top. It will not be long before the music producer delivers another sinister production that will be turning heads. For now, enjoy the outrageously infectious bass-heavy remixes below.