Steve Angello

Steve Angello teases new music in a short video

Undoubtedly exciting news, it appears Swedish maverick Steve Angello is on the producing train again. With only 2 months left in 2018 it seems that Angello has added yet another mysterious piece of music to his catalog of unreleased ID’s. In the mini clip, it appears that he is playing out new music in a studio setting. The track contains heavy percussion and a rolling bass line that is reminiscent of the few ID’s we heard from his legendary UMF 2018 set alongside his Swedish brethren.

Currently, there are 2 songs from SHM’s set at Ultra Miami that have yet to be revealed. However, the track in question is neither of them. It still contains similar experimental vibes that showcases the style of music that Angello is into at the moment. His album “Human” was very unique and contains loads of abstract elements. Unlike “Wild Youth”, Steve’s newer music contains less formal components and has much more exploratory sounds that are quite innovative. Angello is a supporter of not working within traditional confines of the dance music genre and will boldly grab and borrow sounds and timbres from anywhere.

It seems that it’s only a matter of weeks before SHM or Angello will announce something big. Is this a draft of a SHM record? Is this not even Angellos’ music at all? We will have to wait and see in order to call it.

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