Marshmello teams up with YouTube to give back this holiday season

Tis the season for giving and in the holiday spirit YouTube’s top creators are teaming up in an effort to support several charities of their choosing. Introducing the promotional tool entitled YouTube Giving, it’s no surprise Marshmello is one of the first to test it out and start giving back. The ‘Happier‘ producer has partnered with Hope for Paws, an organization which rescues neglected animals and kicked off Thanksgiving week with opportunities to donate to an awesome cause by simply tuning into his YouTube content.

With his weekly cooking and gaming with Marshmello series, the global figure intends to open donations on all of his content this week, so we’re positive there will be plenty to engage with. This is just one of many charitable acts YouTube has been engaged with over the recent months. In an awesome display of support, YouTube also partnered with St. Jude roughly a month ago for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month introducing the St. Jude’s PLAY LIVE event, where the user-based video platform tested their new community fundraisers beta with creators such as Funhaus, IGN, ItsFunneh, and Smosh Games who all came together to raise money for the foundation. Needless to say, Marshmello hasn’t been the only one engaging in the holiday spirit.

Nevertheless, charitability is never outclassed by another act of giving and Marshmello has always proven a sense of responsibility and urgency behind bring happiness and joy to those who need it most. With Thanksgiving just a few days away now, tune into Marshmello’s YouTube Giving content this week and donate where you can to support a loveable cause.