Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix feat. Mike Yung – Dreamer

Following his third successive claim to the throne as #1 DJ in the worldMartin Garrix has been showing no signs of slowing down. His latest release ‘Dreamer’ is a beautifully emotional collaboration with New York singer Mike Yung. The 58-year-old vocalist featured on America’s Got Talent last year, reaching the semi-final stage and catching Martin Garrix’s attention.

Mike Yung’s story is a truly inspirational one. For several years he sang in New York’s subway stations before a video of him singing ‘Unchained Melody‘ by The Righteous Brothers went viral on social media. Since then he has been able to release his own music and perform on national television on different occasions. On working with Martin Garrix, Yung wrote:

“This guy [Martin Garrix] could work with anyone. Why he chose to work with a 60 yr old like me was always confusing. Martin thank u for the opportunity and I love you man.”

The track is driven by Mike Yung’s superb vocal performance, the lyrics reflect his personal story and the accompanying production is truly outstanding. We can definitely hear Martin Garrix stepping out of his comfort zone, who decided to use more mellow sounds than what we are used to hearing. The track also features several organic-sounding instruments like a great slap bass guitar which adds to the overall groove of the track. All in all this track is a truly outstanding one, and once again proves Martin’s uncommon talent in the studio.

Be sure to watch the official music video for ‘Dreamer’ on YouTube below.


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