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Porter Robinson reveals his favourite releases of 2018

As an incredibly influential figure in the electronic music industry, Porter Robinson‘s opinion is widely respected by fans and fellow musicians around the globe. Yesterday he took to Twitter to share some of his favourite releases of 2018 and naturally fans all over the world were quick to pay attention. In the tweet, he mentioned three diverse releases by three different artists, all of whom made his birthday list back in July this year when he mentioned his favourite artists from each genre. Every time he gives an artist a shout out it provides a huge influx of support, making his preferences even more exciting for fans and artists.

Firstly he mentions ‘Time ‘n’ Place‘ by British trio Kero Kero Bonito, an uplifting and heavenly album that is clearly influenced by Japanese culture. Next up is G Jones‘ LP ‘THE INEFFABLE TRUTH‘, a slightly heavier album which shares slight resemblance to Porter Robinson’s own style. Lastly, Swardy‘s ‘Here On My Own‘ EP takes listeners on an incredible journey through a variety of influences.

Take a look at Porter Robinson’s tweet below.

H/T: Billboard

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