Steve Angello & Laidback Luke

Steve Angello & Laidback Luke’s sexy single “Be” turns 11 years old

A lot of people think the track “Be” released by Steve Angello & Laidback Luke was in actuality “Show Me Love”. However, this gem of a track released on Mixmash Records on November 5th was the original predecessor. Released originally as an instrumental, the EP featured the Laidback Luke Rave Edit as well as the Masi & Melo remix.

Reminiscent of the sound of house music at the time, the track is stripped down, filled with rhythm, and features repetitive loops. Not without style and character, the track contains a deadly vocal line that is one of house music’ s most famous vocals.

“You are ever talk
Saying can you reach?
Can you reach?
You got me support, oh I got want to

My soul
My soul’s so nice
But if you be
Say if you be, be, be…
Be, baby”

The sample comes from the 1990 track by Rowetta. The track is called “Reach Out” and was released by Sweet Mercy. Rowetta Satchel is an english singer who is best known for her work with the Happy Mondays, recording and touring with the band from 1991–2000 and recently reforming with the original lineup. A little piece of dance music history, this classic track will bring you back to a time of the dance music underground.

Enjoy this classic record below!