TLUXX – Electric Ecstasy

Brian Johnson, better known as TLUXX, is a wonderfully talented DJ and producer based in New Mexico. His story is truly an inspiring one, as he was forced to give up his dream to be a major league baseball player due to some health issues. He did not let this knock him down, however, turning his attention the electronic dance music scene. He has already achieved some great things, releasing some incredible music and performing alongside artists like Headhunterz, Zomboy, CandyLand, MAKO and Party Favor.

His latest track ‘Electric Ecstasy’ has finally dropped on Eyes On You. The track is driven by a strong vocal hook accompanied wonderful chords and melodies. There is also an interesting combination of synth sounds and organic instruments like pianos which give the track a fresh and unique vibe. The ever-changing vocals and constant variations will keep you on your toes to the very end of the track, making this a versatile track suitable both for listening and the club environment.

For the past two years, TLUXX has been regularly performing at the most prestigious clubs on the US West Coast, constantly gaining experience and delivering spectacular performances. Be sure to check out his tour schedule and catch one of his sets live.

You can stream ‘Electric Ecstasy’ on SoundCloud below.

Born and raised in Italy, currently studying in the UK with a strong passion for all genres of electronic music.

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