Anna Mirani

Anna Mirani – Nights Are Cold

Winter time also means Christmas time. During these cold days, there aren’t many better things than just enjoying the freezing temperatures inside your house with a hot chocolate or something similar. In terms of music, there is an almost endless selection of Christmas songs available, from traditional songs like ‘Feliz Navidad’  to evergreens such as ‘Last Christmas’ you can find pretty much everything being played around the world. Luckily, fans of Electronic Dance Music don’t have to endure other songs during that time, because there are even some holly jolly EDM tracks out there. Singer and songwriter Anna Mirani, from Siberia in Russia, has released a suiting track that is perfect to satisfy your EDM needs even in the Christmas time: ‘Nights Are Cold’.

Given Anna’s heritage, you can tell that she knows how cold feels. The young Russian found her passion for singing in her childhood, and because of her huge talent she was awarded a scholarship that gave her the possibility to attend a school for talented musicians in Hamburg, Germany. Her newest song ‘Nights Are Cold’ was created during a collaboration with Paramount Recording Studios in Los Angeles. The track features her stunning voice and lyrics, empowering people to see the beauty of the world accompanied by deep house and chill vibes, making the song a perfect companion for the upcoming cold nights in winter.

Anna Mirani even made sure that you have no troubles finding the best EDM tracks for the winter season; the Russian created an EDM Winter playlist on Spotify  featuring tracks like ‘Christmas Days’ by Armin Van Buuren, Cold December’ by Kaskade and, of course, her own ‘Nights Are Cold’ which you can check out below!