Knife Party’s debut EP ‘100% No Modern Talking’ turns 7 years old

In 2011, Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire, better known as Knife Party, released their first EP ‘100% No Modern Talking‘. It was there, on December 12 2011, that Warner Bros. Records decided to release an EP that fluttered a lot with electro, complextro and dubstep, genres that were rising at the time. Composed of 4 tracks, ‘100% No Modern Talking‘ forever will be one of Knife Party’s greatest works. To date, the EP is their best placed on the charts, ranking 31st in Australia and one of the EP’s tracks ‘Internet Friends‘ reached 9th place in the UK dance category.

‘Internet Friends’ is one of the biggest and most emblematic singles that has been released by Knife Party. The track won the world over with its irreverent vocals: “You blocked me on Facebook and now you’re going to die”. Everyone has heard these words, whether in the original version or any other. It is no wonder that the track is still played to this day at festivals around the world. ‘Destroy Them with Lasers‘ was not in the original plans for the EP but was included after Rob and Gareth regretted including ‘Back to the Z-List‘, which proved to be a good decision. With a powerful intro, perfect for a heartwarming start to a set, ‘Destroy Them with Lazers’ shows a very remarkable musical progression, diversifying a little from the electro of the first song and moving through the complextro, heading for dubstep.

Tourniquet‘ is abundant with the dark and acidic characteristics so common in Knife Party’s tracks, with sounds very similar to those of ‘Internet Friends’, making the EP very harmonious, suitable for a perfect mix. Closing the EP, this time more dubstep-infused than previous tracks, ‘Fire Hive‘ provides what fans like the most: broken beats, synths and distortions. A full plate for the duo’s fans.

Relive ‘100% No Modern Talking’ and the beginning of the Knife Party’s meteoric career below.