Lost Frequencies

Lost Frequencies shares creation of his Tomorrowland Edit for ‘Crazy’

One of Belgium’s finest export is Lost Frequencies. The 25-year old DJ and producer from Brussels has established himself and his music on mainstages around the world. Lost Frequencies gained fame in 2014 with his hit single ‘Are You With Me’ . After that, multiple other hits, signature shows, and even his own stage Lost Frequencies & Friends at Belgium’s top-tier festival Tomorrowland should follow. One of the Belgian’s most successful tracks was his collaboration with Zonderling – ‘Crazy’. For this particular track, he has created a Tomorrowland Edit, which he, obviously, played during his mainstage set there as well as on many other festivals. Now, the Belgian has shared the creation of this edit in the second episode of In the studio with Lost Frequencies”. 

In the video, that is definitely a must for aspiring producers, Lost Frequencies talks us through the steps he took in order to create the ‘Crazy’ edit. He begins with the two main chords, with serve as the base foundation for the entire track. Lost Frequencies goes on talking about how much he made use out of Serum to create a lot of the key elements in the track. It is fascinating to see how many different reverbs, instruments, chords and more he put into the edit, to make it stand out so much.

He also explains in detail how he pitched and modified certain elements with the help of Serum and other plugins. Other than Serum, the producer used the program SoundShifter a lot for this track. Of course, the Belgian also changed the way the vocals of the track are presented: He reversed some part of the vocals in order to create a sweep effect when the vocals set in.

But since seeing the stuff that I am writing about explains a lot more than written words, check out Lost Frequencies tutorial as well as the Tomorrowland Edit of ‘Crazy’ below!