Luca Rezza

Luca Rezza drops impressive Golden Boy EP

Representing his Italian counterparts in the electronic music industry, Luca Rezza is quickly earning the attention of many with his unique take on the concept of ‘F**k Genres’. Not bound to a single musical genre, Rezza has free reign on the soundscapes he is producing and so far the results have been impressive, to say the least.  The music producer delves into a variety of sounds spanning jungle terror, trap, jersey club, moombahton, bass house and dubstep meaning you’re never quite sure what the Italian is going to cook up next. His latest EP ‘Golden Boy‘ demonstrates the talent Rezza possess and it’s going to solidify the DJ’s status even further on the EDM circuit.

Compiled of 3 tracks, ‘Golden Boy EP’ is spearheaded by the main attraction that is ‘Perc Domain‘. If you’ve ever wanted a concoction of vibrant basslines, piercing synths and layer upon layer of gritty beats, this is the track for you. The sounds are intruding and from the onset, its wobbly musical character assaults the listeners senses with an infectious manner. You’ll be hitting the reply button again and again as this track gets better with every play.

The EP packs the punch with its two other tracks. First, a production called ‘Really‘ that pulses with plenty of moombahton vibes and choppy vocals and a collaboration called ‘So Easy‘ with Asteroidz.

It comes as no surprise that in the past few months, Luza Rezza has seen his releases signed by big-name labels such as Armada, music label of electronic icon Armin van Buuren.  In fact, Rezza has received support from a variety of the industry’s biggest artists which include Major LazerNervoDimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and world number one DJ Martin Garrix. Prepare your taste buds and feast on this delicious serving of music from Luca Rezza below.